Directions for Technology Lesson plan

After reading Chapter 12 in our textbook, Using Technology to Contextualized and Integrate Language Instruction, and the journal articles on technology applications in the Foreign Language classroom, your last peer teaching lesson will be a technology based lesson.   You are required to use technology related to the internet,  not just PowerPoint.

You need to write your lesson plan using one of the following templates: Word, HTML

I have a sample lesson for you to look at in the two formats: Word, HTML

You will be evaluated on both your lesson plan, and on the excerpt of the lesson that you present in class.  

Rubric for the evaluation of this lesson:

1= Not so good     2= Fair    3= good with room for improvement   4= Excellent. 

A.    1    2    3    4    Lesson plan completed according to the model

B.    1    2    3    4    Technology use appropriate for the lesson

C.    1    2    3    4    Connection with theory from the readings

D.    1    2    3    4    Gaining attention, motivating class

E.    1     2    3   4    Organization of the lesson, pacing of the lesson

F.    1    2    3    4    Quality of the activites connected to technology presented to engage students

G.    1    2    3    4    Voice, tone and volume, eye contact, and enthusiasm

Before teaching your lesson please e-mail it to me so I can post it here.  

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