Why you would take this class if you love forests, mountains and nature

We will include several hikes of 8 miles or less in the course. The Erzgebirge is a beautiful place to hike. The highest mountain is the Fichtelberg at 1216 m above sea level. The mountain range rises slowly from the Erzgebirge basin in the north (250 m) to the German-Czech (Saxon-Bohemian) border in the south. Numerous rivers carved winding valleys, which flow primarily from south to north. The natural forest in most places has been replaced by fir forest, interrupted by small fields and pastures, together with villages and small towns. One can find castles and ruins of castles in many places. A dense and well-maintained network of hiking paths stretches over the whole region, as well as much of Europe. The pictures below may give an impression of what is there to like:

View from Fichtelberg to Bärenstein and Pöhlberg

Meadows on Fichtelberg

Geyerischer Teich with beach

View from Bärenstein to Fichtelberg

Time to build a waterwheel

View over Ehrenfriedersdorf to Greifensteine

Forest path

Fun in Pobershau

View from Katzenstein by Pobershau

Sunset by Pobershau

Schneeberg with the Wolfgangskirche

Fir forest by Chemnitz

Valley of the Zwickauer Mulde by Rochsburg





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