July, August, September 2009


4th of July Party - fun with sparklers.

Pioneer Days Parade: Timm is with the robotics team “Plaid Pillagers”

Pioneer Days Parade: Teresa walks with the MACCC

There goes Timm (front lane).

Teresa getting ready for her first 25-yd race.

There goes Teresa (front lane).

25-yd free style

Ha, you just watch me…!

25-yd butterfly

25-yd back stroke

Timm in the 200-yd relay

Timm’s specialty: breast stroke.

Sauerkirschen, bevor die Voegel sie anpicken.

Teresa, mom and Theophrastus at Starbuck beach.

Timm’s friend Michael from New Orleans is visiting.

There is supposed to be a party, but a cloud burst is imminent.

So – there is a garage party.

Award: one fine rain bow.

The party staid in the garage.

Michael back at the airport.

Kevin deep in thought at Pomme de Terre



County fair.



August 31, 2009: Any Theophrastus incoming?

Big sister in training





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