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Homework due

How homework is graded

Problem sets

Th 8-29

1 - Mathematical Review

1.1   Vector Algebra




Tu 9-3

1.2 Differential Calculus



Th 9-5


1.3 Line and surface integrals

Chapter Handout 1: problems 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10

Text Book: 1.13, 1.15, 1.18

(1.18 is ok to turn in next week)




Tu 9-10

1.3 Integral Theorems (Gauss, Stokes)




Th 9-12

1.4 Curvilinear Coordinates

1.5 Dirac delta function


1.19 div grad

Text Book:

(1.18 if you did not last week)

1.22 (older ed 1.21)  

1.29 (former 1.28) line integral

1.34 Stoke’s theorem


Tu 9-17

2 – Electrostatics

2.1-2 Coulomb force and electric field

electric dipole, matlab

electric dipole, mathematica


Problem Set 1 issued

Problem Set 1


Th 9-19

2.2 –Electric field – Gauss law, examples

Text Book:

1.54 (1.53 older ed.) divergence in sph coords

1.44 (1.43 old) delta function

1.63 (1.62 old) div

1.49 (1.48 old)

2.4 (E square loop) no-integral answer


1-36 image004

(and yes: unit vector conversion was mercifully omitted)


Consultations are held

We Th Fr Mo Tue

Link to Appointment slots

Tu 9-24

2.2 –Electric field – Gauss law, examples

2.3 –Electric Potential


Th 9-26

2.3 – Electrostatic potential – examples,

Problem Set 1 due answers

In-class quiz PS1 answers

Fr 9-27


Visit by Dr Rodmann Abbott ’80 (physics)

Associate Dean of Research

Naval Postgraduate School

In the frame of the UMM Alumni Networking Day

Visitors welcome


Room 3665

9:15 to 10:20 am

Tu 10-1

Nobel conference trip – no class




Th 10-3

boundary conditions


2.4 Work and energy


Friday 10-4

Make-up for Tuesday

2:15-3:20 pm


Work and energy

lecture notes


Text book

2.10 flux through side of cube – there is a hard way and an easy way to solve this problem

2.13 field of long wire



Tu 10-8

2.5 Conductors in Equilibrium

Surface charges and capacitance


Th 10-10

3 – Special Techniques

3.1 Laplace Equation – boundary conditions and uniqueness

2.26 potential difference cone

2.31 energy of point charge square

2.50 (2.46 old book) from potential to field and charge distribution


Tu 10-15

3.2 Method of Images

3.3 Separation of Variables


Problem Set 2 issued

Th 10-17

3.4 Multipole Expansion

3.5 Electric dipoles


Problem 3.1e relaxation method

(more info: see moodle Friday)


3.6 image charge problem: point charges above plane

3.9 image charge problem: line charges in neighborhood of conducting plane



Please follow the link above to schedule a consultation on either Friday or Wednesday next week. Other times are available upon request.

Tu 10-22

Fall break



Th 10-24

Dipole moment

Potential and Electric field of dipole

4 – Electric Fields in Matter

No other  homework due

Problem Set 2 due  answers

In-class quiz PS2  answers

Tu 10-29

4.1 Polarization Dipole Interaction



Th 10-31

4.2 Electric Field of a Polarized Object

4.3 Electric Displacement

3.29 (4th Ed)/ 3.37 (3rd Ed) 

Multipole expansion square of charge


3.33(4th Ed)/3.31(3rd Ed)

dipole and charge


4.4 (book) charge and polarizable atom


4.10 (book) polarized sphere




Tu 11-5

5 – Magnetostatics

5.1 Magnetic force and charge in motion




Th 11-7

5.2 Current densities, Biot-Savart law

3.45 (4th Ed)/3.39 (3rd Ed)

Long cylindrical shell with  s0

 (moved here from last week)


analytical solution

plots of analytical solution (Mathematica)


4.15 thick polarized shell (charge density, D, E)


Chapter handout 5:  problem 5-3: trajectory in B and E

plot of trajectory

Book 5.4: force on square loop in B(z)


Tu 11-12

5.3 Divergence and Curl of B



Th 11-14

5.4 Magnetic Vector Potential

Book 5.6: phonograph and solid sphere

Book 5.8: B of square loop

Book 5.9 Biot Savart for differently shaped wires

Book 5.11 field of solenoid (juggle angles)



Problem Set 3 issued

Please sign up

Tu 11-19

5.5 Magnetostatic Boundary conditions

5.6 Magnetic Dipoles



Please sign up

Th 11-21

6. Magnetic Fields in Matter

6.1 Magnetization

6.2 Field of a magnetized object 6.3 Auxiliary Field

6.4 Susceptibility and permeability

5.15(4th)/5.14(3rd) field in thick slab

5.30 (4th)/5.29(3rd) field inside uniformly charged sphere

5.37b(4th)/5.36(3rd) magnetic dipole moment of spinning shell


Please sign up

Tu 11-26

7 Electrodynamics

7.1 Ohm’s Law,


Problem Set 3 due



In-class quiz PS3

quiz answers

Th 11-28




Tu 12-3

motional EMF




Th 12-5

7.2 Electromagnetic induction

(forgot to post)


Tu 12-10

Induction and inductance

7.3 Maxwell’s Equations



Final problem set issued

Consultations are optional

Sign up here

Th 12-12

Maxwell’s equations and

Electromagnetic Waves

6.12 a long magnetized cylinder

7.7 frictionless metal bar

7.11 falling loop

7.16 Alternating current in co-ax setting

7.20 Inductance

7.22 self-inductance


Take-home final exam


Final PS due Thursday, 12-19, 3 pm

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