Phys2301 – Atmospheric Physics, Spring 2010


Weather  and Climate Web Resources

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This will hopefully be better organized and more meaningful as the semester progresses. Please let me know if you have weather and data sites that should be here.


In the news:


Feb 2010 – Iceberg rams Antarctic glacier



Water vapor saturation expressions (es as a function of Ts)


Current sounding data:


Animated maps of temperature, pressure and wind for North America: (thanks, Nick)


Textbook website: (thanks, Remi)


Pressure Unit Converter                                                         National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration                           Forecast site                                          Forecast site                     Weather Channel Forecast site                                      Fox8 New Orleans Forecast Site                                       National Hurricane Center                                         Louisiana State University, Hurricane Center

       Drought Monitor for the US

                  geodata government website for disaster planning

                National Climatic Data Center

                      Climate monitoring

                  historical weather data


                 current reflectivity and velocity radar images of US



                                Everything you’d ever want to know about Ozone plus access to current data




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