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What is due?

How to do Physics Homework

Student Presentations

Online Self Checks, relevant for this date’s class

W 8-22


Measurement and observation basics

Syllabus Fall 2012

UMM weather station

Cloud Classification (web link)

Cloud Types (PPt)

vocabulary list




Self Check

F 8-24

Observation and station model

Composition and vertical structure of the atmosphere slides

vocabulary list

Observation period 1:

Get comfortable with observation and recording




Twice daily for six consecutive days, see your journal

Welcome Survey


Homework Assignment


Please select a presentation topic

Self Check

M 8-27

Vertical Model

Global circulation Satellite animation

Interesting map of US surface winds

images of models

vocabulary list


self check

W 8-29

Density, pressure, ideal Gas Law




self check

F 8-31

Quiz 1: Layers, station model, composition

quiz answers

Experiment: Ideal Gas

handout for the experiment

Data (to use if you missed the class period)

homework assignment



self check

M 9-3

Labor Day


W 9-5

Density, pressure, ideal Gas Law

Altitude-dependence of pressure




self check

F 9-7

Experiment: Pressure and Altitude


1.       Weather Journal to instructor for feedback

2.       Lab write-up 1 for ideal-gas experiment from 8-31-2012

3.       Assignment


self check

M 9-10

Altitude and pressure

Sealevel pressure

study guide pressure and altitude



Choice of practice times

self check

W 9-12

Air masses, fronts

Chapter 2: Energy cycle

Force, Work And Heat – specific heat and latent heat


study guide for force and energy/ vocabulary


Review and Help session on Thursday, September 13, 7 pm in class room Sci2200


self check

F 9-14

Quiz 2 pressure and altitude answer

Force, Work And Heat – specific heat and latent heat

Heat, latent heat keywords


1.       Homework Problems

answers (problems)

answers (book questions)

The real answers


2.       Lab write-up 2 for pressure and altitude from 9-7-12


self check

M 9-17

Experiment: Latent and specific heat

Data for Exp 3


animations of global satellite imagery

Observation period 2:

Embed your observations into the bigger picture



Seven consecutive days, two records per day for a total of 14 records




W 9-19

Heat (latent and sensible)


Energy Transport – conduction, convection, radiation

same slides as Monday


Schedule of presentations as of 9-17-2012

self check

F 9-21

Quiz 3 answers

Visit by Steve Jerve '82

Storm Team's Chief Meteorologist  at WFLA TV station in Florida

1.       Homework (you may skip book question 10 and move it to next week)


2.       Lab write-up for Exp3 – Latent heat answers

3.       Two questions for the visitor!



M 9-24

Blackbody radiation and electromagnetic spectrum


keywords and equations



self check

W 9-26

Radiation interacting with objects: Absorption, reflection and transmission Blackbody radiation



Solar bag adventures!



self check

F 9-28

Quiz 4 Blackbody radiation answers

Earth’s orbit, coordinates slides


Weather Journal to instructor for feedback


Homework, chapter 2, review questions 8, 9, 10, 14, 16 answers


self check

M 10-1

Greenhouse gases






self check

W 10-3

Global energy budget



handout with numbers




self check

F 10-5

Test 1  answers

Practice using vocabulary lists, study guides, self checks, exp, homework assignments and quizzes. Equations, constants and conversion factors will be given on the test.

sample test, another sample test with solutions




M 10-8


Diurnal temperature, temperature and position,




Updated schedule of student presentations

self check

W 10-10

Experiment 5: Spatial and temporal variation of temperature on campus

Exp 5: Campus temperatures - handout

Data file

To answer the questions:

Time trends

Local conditions (and vertical variation)




self check

F 10-12

Fronts, air masses

Vertical Temperature, Lapse Rates

DALR worksheet (with corrections)

DALR worksheet with numbers

practice questions chapter 3

Observation period 3:

Recognize patterns, try a forecast


assignment data



self check

M 10-15

Fall Break




W 10-17

Vertical Temperature, Lapse Rates

Stability, temperature inversions, sounding measurements

Sounding data (NOAA, daily twice)

description of SkewT chart

practice questions



self check


Water Vapor In The Air

Humidity slides

Psychrometric Chart

Exp 5 handout

exp5 answers


Chapter3, review questions 3, 8, 14,15



self check

M 10-22

Experiment 6: Psychrometer

experiment handout



self check

W 10-24

Condensation And Deposition Of Water

questions on humidity



self check

F 10-26

Quiz 5  (DALR, stability, saturation) answers

Condensation And Deposition Of Water

Droplet growth

slides nucleation


self check

M 10-29

Static stability and skewT graph

A clean SkewT-lnp chart

class exercise on cloud formation

assignment (from Friday, but moved since the interactive figure needed to be fixed)



interactive psychrometric chart

Group Presentation: Flooding

self check

W 10-31

Field trip to Morris Municipal Airport

Meet 9:15 am sharp at south entrance of the science building, look for two Morris Transit buses

Be prepared for exposure to 20 minutes of wind/cold on a field

We will be back for the next class period

AWOS handout

Experiment 6 Psychrometer due

possible answers




F 11-2

Quiz 6 water vapor content

Stability, LCL, cloud tops


answers fog

answers book questions

Group Presentation: Atmosphere on other planets

Group Presentation: Ocean circulation


M 11-5

Stability, LCL, cloud tops


Group Presentation: PalaeoClimate


Group Presentation: Drought and Heat waves

self check

W 11-7




Weather Journal to instructor for feedback

Group Presentation: Cloud Seeding

self check

F 11-9

Quiz 7 SkewT chart, LCL answer


Precipitation slides



Textbook, chapter4, questions 8, 9, 10, and 15 answers

Group presentation: snow and ice


self check

M 11-12

Weather Observations

5.1. Ground-based observations


5.2. Satellite Observations, Image interpretation


Making up points for the weather journal

Upon request I decided to offer another chance to catch up on missed points for those who –for various reasons- missed to do or turn in observations in their weather journals.

If you have received good scores, and even utilized the extra bonus opportunities, this will not affect you.

If you had low scores or have missed to turn in the journal, here is the deal:



Group Presentation: Smog



W 11-14

5.2. Satellite Observations, Image interpretation

active figure


5.3 Weather Radar



self check

F 11-16

Test 2 Answers to test 2


sample test, answers


AWOS essay due



M 11-19

Atmospheric Optics





self check

W 11-21

Forces and Wind


forces work sheet



Group Presentation: El Nino/ El Nina

self check

F 11-23

Thanksgiving break





M 11-26

Forces and Wind

Newton’s second law

Directions of force and momentum



Group Presentation: Acid Rain



W 11-28

Forces and Wind

PGF worksheet for PGF



Group Presentation: Blizzards

Group Presentation: Monsoons


self check

F 11-30

Quiz 8 observation, optical effects and forces answers



Book Review Questions:


Chapter5 questions 9 and 17;


Chapter 6 questions 4 and 5



Group Presentation: Tornadoes


M 12-3

Coriolis and Centrifugal forces

Geostrophic wind, slides



Group Presentation: Thunderstorms


self check

W 12-5

gradient wind and Guldberg-Mohn balance



Group Presentation: Midwest small wind systems


self check

F 12-7

Global Scale Winds


homework assignment

Group Presentation: Hurricanes

Group Presentation: Climate Modeling


T 12-11

1:30 – 3:30, Sci 1030 Final Exam




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