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Fall 2005


Projects for Phys 1061, Fall 2005

The time has come to present and enjoy:


Student instruments Fall 2005


Presentation schedule




Please read the guidelines carefully. These are the guidelines as word document.


October 17                 Decide on groups and preliminary goal.

November 7 -11          I will see each one of you to talk about the progress and help ensuring success.

                                There is a sign-up sheet at my office door. Please reserve your time for a meeting. I would like to talk to each project group before Thanksgiving.

November 28              Your project should be functional, work on paper and presentation should be progressing.

December 2                        Papers are due.

December 5-December 14     We will have two instruments introduced to class in each class meeting.



Enjoy a glimpse at last year’s projects:


Student Instruments Fall 2004



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