IS1806 Bottomdwellers in an Ocean of Air


2 credits


View toward Morris, June 6, 2011

Time and Place:

Th 2:00-3:40 pm, Science Building, Room 2185


Sylke Boyd


Science Building, Room 2315




Office Hours:

M 12:30-2, T12:30-2, W 10:30-12, F9:30-11  or after arrangement

Required Text:

None, documents will be made available online

Course Calendar

This course is part of the first-year experience for UMM students, and designed to form an intellectual community (IC) of students, instructor(s) and guests. This is a seminar class, which is explained by Webster’s Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary as  “a small group of students … engaged in advanced study and original research under a member of the faculty and meeting regularly to exchange information and hold discussions.“

We explore an interdisciplinary topic in many different directions. Students have considerable influence onto the direction of exploration. Below is a preliminary layout of focal points:


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