IS1001 – First-Year Seminar – Fall 2006

Bottom dwellers in an ocean of air



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Project Showcase


Part of your grade will be one project with a practical component associated with climate and weather. The work on the project should take you not more than 5 or 6 hours.


You may work in groups of two if you wish, and will possibly be able to apply the project toward the Jamboree.


The project can be anything you decide as long as it fits the criteria above.

It can be an experiment, a piece of art, a poem, a photo collection relating to weather, an in-depth investigation on a topic in the realm of “civilization and climate”, data compilation with discussion to climate-related topic, a weather station, an investigation into a political situation relating to environmental issues, a movie, an interview, …


Some funds are available for us: $150 per section of FYS. The group will decide on the use of this money. If you need some financial support for your project, maybe for material, bring this as discussion to the class meeting.


Time Line:

Thursday October 5: 


-          have a partner

-          have a plan

-          sign up for due date

October 18

To October 31

Meet with SB to discuss concerns, procedures and issues

From November 14

To December 14

Share your project with class

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