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Bottom dwellers in an ocean of air

Websites and Literature

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                        Weather Websites

                        Interesting books

                        Books available in the Briggs Library at UMM

                                    basic science of the atmosphere

                                    weather and climate in human history

                                    modern world and weather

                                    perspectives on global warming

                                    weather and climate in the Arts


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Matt Conner from the Briggs Library has compiled a selection of databases useful for our course:

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Weather-related websites                               Forecast site                                            Forecast site                         Weather Channel Forecast site                                        Fox8 New Orleans Forecast Site                                                           National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration                                          National Hurricane Center                                             Louisiana State University, Hurricane Center

             Drought Monitor for the US

                   geodata government website for disaster planning

                    National Climatic Data Center

                Climate monitoring

                     historical weather data


Interesting books


Weather, Climate and Climate Change – Human Perspectives

Greg O’Hare, John Sweeney and Rob Wilby, Pearson/Prentice Hall, 2005

            Comprehensive description of processes in the atmosphere and their relation to human activity. Good data collection.


The Winds of Change – Climate, Weather, and the destructin of Civilizations

Eugene Linden, Simon & Schuster, New York, 2006.

The book discusses various events throughout human history in the context of climate change. A very interesting and entertaining reading material, taken from            a historic perspective.

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The Weather Makers – How Man is Changing the Climate and What It Means for Life on Earth

Tim Flannery, Atlantic Monthly Press, New York, 2005.

The book makes a strong case supporting the reality of global warming. It discusses historical, scientific and political aspects, as well as gives an suggestions on what can be done about it right now.

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Climate Change – Causes, Effects, and Solutions

John T. Hardy, Wiley 2003

Discusses detailed influence of global warming on various ecosystems, human economy, health, and political developments


Climate Change – A multidisciplinary approach

William James Burroughs, Cambridge University Press, 2001

Energy balance, gears of climate, causes, consequences, measurement and modeling of climatic change. Supported by a wealth of charts and data, geared for students of geosciences – however very interesting also for laypersons like me!


The change in the weather – People, Weather, and the Science of Climate

William K. Stevens, Delta Trade Paperbacks and Random House Publishing, 1999.

The book provides a reading on the relation between humans and the atmosphere, starting with a general history of meteorology, over a thorough excourse into all sides of the discussion on global warming, to the political response.


The long summer – how climate changed civilization

Brian Fagan, Perseus Book Group New York, 2004

An enlightening book which puts human history into the context of an evolving planet. In particular, the appearance of human settlements at the end of the last glaciations era as well as the rise and fall of several ancient civilizations as associated with climatic changes are discussed in a quite entertaining fashion.


The Weather Factor – How Nature Has Changed History

Erik Durschmied, Arcade Publishing New York, 2000

The book contains chapters of history in which historical events have been significantly influenced by the action of weather, from events relating to the expansion of the Roman Empire into the “barbarian lands” to the north, to actions in World War II.


The Storm – what went wrong and why during hurricane Katrina

Ivor van Heerden and Mike Bryan, Penguin Group New York, 2006

The author is a scientist at the Hurricane Center of Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. The book provides an interesting perspective on the recent history of disaster preparedness in the New Orleans area, as well as worthwhile inside information on the situation after Katrina.


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Available in the Briggs Library

 (just a sample of books related to the subject)


Basic Science

                       Calder, Nigel. The weather machine / Nigel Calder.

                       London : British Broadcasting Corporation, 1974.

                        UM MORRIS Briggs Library QC981.8.C5 C34 1974



                       Lydolph, Paul E. Weather and climate / Paul E. Lydolph

                       ; Don and Denise Temple, cartographers. Totowa, N.J. :

                       Rowman & Allanheld, 1985.

                        UM MORRIS Briggs Library QC981 .L94 1985



                       Neiburger, Morris. Understanding our atmospheric

                       environment / Morris Neiburger, James G. Edinger,

                       William D. Bonner ; [artist, Evan Gillespie]. San

                       Francisco : W.H. Freeman, c1982.

                        UM MORRIS Briggs Library QC861.2 .N45 1982



                       King, Martha. Weather / Martha King ; with drawings by

                       Basil King. New York : New Rivers Press, 1978.

                        UM MORRIS Briggs Library McGinnis PS3561.I4817 W4



                       Climate : history, periodicity, and predictability /

                       edited by Michael R. Rampino ... [et al.]. New York :

                       Van Nostrand Reinhold, c1987.

                        UM MORRIS Briggs Library QC981.8.C5 C57 1987


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History and Weather

                       Durschmied, Erik. The weather factor : how nature has

                       changed history / Erik Durschmied. New York : Arcade

                       Publ. : Distributed by Warner Trade Publ., 2001, c2000.

                        UM MORRIS Briggs Library D24 .D875 2001



                       Caviedes, Cesar, 1936- El Nino in history : storming

                       through the ages / Cesar N. Caviedes. Gainesville, FL:

                       University Press of Florida, 2001.

                        UM MORRIS Briggs Library GC296.8.E4 C39 2001



                       Tyrrell, John, 1944- Weather and warfare : a climatic

                       history of the 1798 Rebellion / John Tyrrell.

                       Doughcloyne, Wilton, Cork : Collins Press, 2001.

                        UM MORRIS Briggs Library DA949 .T97 2001



                       Steinberg, Theodore, 1961- Acts of God : the unnatural

                       history of natural disaster in America / Ted Steinberg.

                       New York : Oxford University Press, 2000.

                        UM MORRIS Briggs Library GB5007 .S74 2000



                       Fagan, Brian M. Floods, famines, and emperors : el

                       Nino and the fate of civilizations / Brian Fagan. New

                       York : Basic Books, c1999.

                        UM MORRIS Briggs Library GC296.8.E4 F34 1999



                       Fagan, Brian M. The Little Ice Age : how climate made

                       history, 1300-1850 / Brian Fagan. New York, NY : Basic

                       Books, c2000.

                        UM MORRIS Briggs Library QC989.A1 F34 2000


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Modern World and weather

                       Meyer, William B. Americans and their weather / William

                       B. Meyer. Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press,


                        UM MORRIS Briggs Library QC983 .M455 2000



                       Changing the atmosphere : expert knowledge and

                       environmental governance / edited by Clark A. Miller

                       and Paul N. Edwards. Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press,


                        UM MORRIS Briggs Library GE300 .C48 2001



                       Bryson, Reid A. Climates of hunger : mankind and the

                       world's changing weather / Reid A. Bryson and Thomas J.

                       Murray. Madison : University of Wisconsin Press, 1977.

                        UM MORRIS Briggs Library QC981.8.C5 B77



                       Global climate change / edited by Paul McCaffrey. New

                       York : H. W. Wilson Company, 2006.

                        UM MORRIS Briggs Library QC981.8.C5 G644 2006



                       Global climate change / edited by Sharon L. Spray &

                       Karen L. McGlothlin. Lanham, Md. : Rowman &

                       Littlefield, c2002.

                        UM MORRIS Briggs Library QC981.8.C5 G63 2001



                       Flannery, Tim F. (Tim Fridtjof), 1956- The weather

                       makers : how man is changing the climate and what it

                       means for life on Earth / Tim Flannery. New York :

                       Atlantic Monthly Press, c2005.

                        UM MORRIS Briggs Library QC981.8.C5 F438 2005



                       Sayre, April Pulley. El Nino and La Nina : weather in

                       the headlines / April Pulley Sayre. Brookfield, Conn. :

                       Twenty-First Century Books, c2000.

                        UM MORRIS Briggs Library Children's Literature 551.6



                       Carriere, Dean. Solar houses for a cold climate : a

                       detailed study of 26 solar heated houses / written by

                       Dean Carriere ; photographed by Fraser Day. New York :

                       Scribner, c1980.

                        UM MORRIS Briggs Library TH7414 .C37



                       Pearce, E. A. The Times Books world weather guide : a

                       city-by-city guide that will enable you to forecast the

                       weather you can expect in any part of the world at any

                       time of the year / by E.A. Pearce and C.G. Smith. New

                       York, N.Y. : Times Books, c1984.

                        UM MORRIS Briggs Library Reference QC982 .P43 1984


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Climate Change and global warming

                       Climate change 2001 : the scientific basis :

                       contribution of Working Group I to the third assessment

                       report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

                       / edited by J.T. Houghton ... [et al.]. Cambridge ; New

                       York : Cambridge University Press, 2001.

                        UM MORRIS Briggs Library QC981.8.C5 C511345 2001



                       Alley, Richard B. The two-mile time machine : ice

                       cores, abrupt climate change, and our future / Richard

                       B. Alley. Princeton : Princeton University Press,


                        UM MORRIS Briggs Library QC884 .A55 2000



                       Drake, Frances. Global warming : the science of climate

                       change / Frances Drake. London : Arnold ; New York :

                       Co-published in the United States of America by Oxford

                       University Press, 2000.

                        UM MORRIS Briggs Library QC981.8.G56 D73 2000



                       Climatic change / edited by John Gribbin. Cambridge

                       [Eng.] ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 1978.

                        UM MORRIS Briggs Library QC981.8.C5 C55



                       Nesje, Atle. Glaciers and environmental change / Atle

                       Nesje and Svein Olaf Dahl. London : Arnold ; New York :

                       co-published in the U.S. by Oxford University Press,


                        UM MORRIS Briggs Library QC981.8.C5 N47 2000



                       Turco, Richard P., 1943- Earth under siege : from air

                       pollution to global change / Richard P. Turco ; with a

                       foreword by Carl Sagan. Oxford ; New York : Oxford

                       University Press, 1997.

                        UM MORRIS Briggs Library TD883 .T85 1995



                       The Challenge of global warming / edited by Dean

                       Abrahamson. Washington, D.C. : Island Press, c1989.

                        UM MORRIS Briggs Library QC981.8.G56 C42 1989


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Weather in art

                       Toth, Susan Allen. Leaning into the wind : a memoir of

                       Midwest weather / Susan Allen Toth. Minneapolis :

                       University of Minnesota Press, c2003.

                        UM MORRIS Briggs Library QC984.M53 T68 2003



                       Hopkins, Lee Bennett. Weather / poems selected by Lee

                       Bennett Hopkins ; pictures by Melanie Hall. New York :

                       HarperCollins, c1994.

                        UM MORRIS Briggs Library Children's Literature 811 Ho



                       Dahl, Linda, 1949- Stormy weather : the music and lives

                       of a century of jazzwomen / by Linda Dahl. New York :

                       Pantheon Books, c1984.

                        UM MORRIS Briggs Library ML82 .D3 1984


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