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Fieldschool and Internship Opportunities in Archaeology and Physical Anthropology

Students have many opportunities to get hands-on experience in anthropological fieldwork. Fieldschools and internships are an excellent way to explore your interest in anthropology and to decide if it is the right career for you. Many graduate programs in archaeology require you to have a fieldschool before you begin your studies. Many cultural resource management companies also want their employees to complete a fieldschool. Fieldschools and internships can be very pricey. A student may have to pay for tuition, airfare to the location, and fees for housing and food. Some excavations accept volunteers (they will pay for food and board if you can get yourself to the field site), particularly if you have any previous field experience. There are a few opportunities for paid interships. These are highly competitive, but well worth applying for.

Opportunities in Archaeology

Historical Archaeology Fieldschool at Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest
Director: Jack Gary, Director of Archaeology and Landscapes, Poplar Forest
Location: Poplar Forest, Virginia
Details: This is a joint program between the historic property of Poplar Forest (Jefferson's retreat) and the University of Virginia. Excavations take place June 7-July 10, 2009
Deadline: April 8, 2009

Crow Canyon Research Internships
Location: Crow Canyon, CO
Details: This well-established and well-respected program provides a weekly stipend for students who work in either the laboratory or field settings.
Deadlines: March 6, 2009 for research internships

Archaeological Field School at Monticello - The Archaeology of Chesapeake Slavery and Landscape
Contact: Fraser D. Neiman, U of Virginia and Sara Bon-Harper, Monticello
Details: Excavation on Thomas Jefferson's estate at Monticello. Excavations take place from June 1-July 10, 2009.
Deadline: March 27, 2009

Arizona State University Fieldschools
Location: Various fieldschools, including Illinois, New Mexico, and South Africa
Deadline: Depends on the fieldschool. Each has a separate application and deadline.

Archaeological Institute of America Fieldwork Opportunities
This site allows you to search for fieldwork opportunities all over the world, and provides useful information about preparing for excavations.


Opportunities in Physical Anthropology

Primate Behavior and Conservation
Contact: Kim Dingess, SUNY Oneonta
Details: Study primates in Costa Rica, Winter session: Dec. 28-Jan 17, 2009-2010; Summer session July 1-July 28, 2010
Deadline: Winter session - Dec. 1, 2009; Summer session - June 1, 2009

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