Pre-Lab #4-- Sensation, Perception & Memory

Due at lab, Oct. 22/23

Follow the instructions and use the menu to the left to go to each part of the task.


For this pre-lab, you will be asked to view a film and then answer questions about what you've seen.  As is true in real life, you only get one chance to view what's happening.


Have paper and pen handy (or a word processing program open) so you can record your answers and bring them in to lab.


Here's the situation:

You're visiting a professor's office on campus.  You have entered the building and proceed to walk around trying to find your professor to talk to her about your grade.  


When you're ready, view the film that shows what you see when you go to the professor's office.  

Watch the film closely-- In real life, events don't repeat themselves just because you weren't paying attention, so you can only watch it once.


When ready, proceed by clicking on Step 2 at the left.


NOTE:  You'll need "Quicktime" to view the film.  If you do not have that loaded, or have a slow internet connection, I'd recommend doing this pre-lab at a campus lab computer (the films will take a couple moments to load).



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