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Location questions: Locate the brain area indicated on the left.  Answers are shown on the right.  (Print these out and use them as flashcards).  (I don't know how well these will actually print-- such as where the page breaks will be... Sorry.)

Point to the spinal cord

Point to the brain stem

Point to the pons

Point to the cerebellum

Point to the medulla

Point to the frontal cortex

Point to the occipital lobe

Point to the temporal lobe

Point to the parietal lobe

Point to the somatosensory area

Point to the auditory area

Point to Broca's area

Point to Wernicke's (speech) area

Point to the motor area



The hypothalamus has close connections with what endocrine glands?



pituitary gland

Point to the reticular activating system

(It runs through the hindbrain and midbrain)


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