Neurotransmitters & PNS

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the functions described on the left.
Sleep, appetite, sensory perception, temperature regulation, pain suppression, mood.
Voluntary movement, learning, memory, emotion, reward system.
Muscle action, cognitive functions, memory, emotion.
Brain's major INHIBITORY neurotransmitter.
Brain's major EXCITATORY neurotransmitter.
Neurotransmitters, when released, end up in a gap between neurons called a(n) _______.
Abnormally low levels of what neurotransmitter is related to Parkinson’s disease?
What neurotransmitter is related to Alzheimer’s disease?
Another word for "endogenous morphine" (or “the
morphine within us”) is _____.
Branch of the nervous system that transmits and receives sensory and movement messages to and from the body?
The ______ is geared toward energy recovery.
The ______ is geared toward energy expenditure; "fight or flight" response.
Activation of the sympathetic nervous system results in the release of epinephrine from what endocrine glands?
The grouping of neurons that runs along side the spinal cord and helps spread the sympathetic nervous system response is the _____

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