Function questions

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the functions described on the left.
This is the sensory relay station on the
way to the cerebral cortex.
Name the area of the brain that controls
This structure allows for communication
between the two cerebral hemispheres.
The brain structure involved in the arousal
and regulation of emotion and the initial
emotional response to sensory
A brain structure involved in the storage
of new information in memory.
This contains areas that receive and
interpret visual information.
Contains areas that receive and interpret
information on pressure, pain, touch, and
Dense network of neurons found in the core of the brain stem; also arouses the cortex and screens
incoming stimuli (brain's "alarm clock").
Which hemisphere of the brain is superior
in problems requiring spatial-visual ability
(i.e. like reading a map)?
Which hemisphere is more active during
logical, symbolic, and sequential tasks
such as solving math problems, and
understanding technical material.
What part of the brain is responsible for
language production?
What part of the brain is responsible for
understanding word meaning?
What CNS structure relays sensory
messages from the periphery to the brain?
What cortical lobe plays a role in shortterm
The largest brain structure. It is
responsible for sensory, motor, and
cognitive processes.
What structure do we think of as our "homeostatic control"?

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