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Based on a review of actual exams, these are the types of questions we identified.
To get the answer, (a. self-fulfilling prophecy), the definition needs to be understood so well proper examples can be recognized and alternatives eliminated.
In order to select the correct answer (d. Freud’s psychosexual stages), you need to understand what each of these theories say, how they may relate to Erickson’s views, but you also need to be able to explain to yourself why the other answers are wrong.
Here the question asks about several pieces of information that were initially presented in the text individually. You would need to know what it means to have a “strong locus of control,” but you’d also need to know enough about each of the types of cultures to be able to relate those to locus of control. Because of this, it is important in this class not just to learn words and concepts on their own, but to pay attention to how understanding one enhances your understanding of another.
The textbook had a fairly lengthy section on menopause and each one of the potential answers was referred to in the section. If they didn’t truly understand what the authors were trying to say about menopause, they would find it very difficult if not impossible to answer the questions. While the answer is C, some women do experience the problems described in the other three answers, and many other women fear that they will have a negative experience. As a result, unless they read carefully, it could easily seem like all the answers were correct.

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