E-Quality's Religion and Homosexuality Links

E-Quality's Religion & Homosexuality Links

Table of Cool Links to Religion & Homosexuality Resources

More Light Presbyterians (Gay and Lesbian Concerns) The Shower of Stoles Project , A witness to GLBT people of faith Lutherans Concerned North America United Church of Christ - where GLBT's can be ordained ministers Dignity - GLBT Catholics
World Congress of Gay and Lesbian Jewish Organizations Integrity-GLBT Episcopalians Homepage Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches

Rainbow Baptists: A welcoming and inclusive place for all christians Affirmation: United Methodists for GLBT concerns Reconciling Ministries Network: United Methodists for GLBT concerns Queer Muslims Home Page Gay Buddhist Fellowship
Whosoever , A News Journal for Gay and Lesbian Christians Gay and Lesbian Arab Society Mercy to All and Dispelling the Myth on Homosexuality - A Christian Perspective

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