Course Materials

Materials for courses I am currently teaching are available from my Home page. If you are looking for textbook information for upcoming courses, check there (this is an archive of old course material).

Classes I have Taught

Note: Syllabi will be revised before I teach the course again, sometimes with significant changes to course structure. For many classes, the Webpage is the syllabus.

Math 0901 Basic Algebra Resources
Math 1001 Survey of Math Webpage
Precalculus Math 1012 Syllabus
Math 1013 Syllabus
Math 1014 Syllabus
Math 1101 Calculus I Syllabus Resources
Math 1102 Calculus II Syllabus Resources
Math 2101 Calculus III Webpage
Math 2401 Differential Equations Syllabus Resources
Math 3993 Directed Study in Partial Differential Equations   Webpage
Math 4401 Numerical Methods Syllabus Resources
Math 4452 Mathematical Modeling Syllabus Resources
Math 4901 Senior Seminar   Resources

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