Anonymous course mail for Nic McPhee

Nic McPhee
University of Minnesota, Morris

This page allows you to send anonymous e-mail to me regarding courses and related university issues. There will no record of where the mail was sent from, and no one will receive the mail except for me. I'll try to respond to anonymous questions either in class or in some electronic forum (like a course newsgroup).

Please make questions/comments as specific and to-the-point as possible.

This page only works if your browser is capable of running Java applets, and you don't appear to be using such a browser. I believe all the computers in UMM's public labs should be currently running browers capable of running Java applets. If you're using such a machine and see this message please contact me or Computing Services to complain.

The original idea for such a page came from Scott Lewandowski, and he designed the first version of the applet used here. He and I have both made a number of changes extensions since that initial version.

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