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Donna Chollett's Research

This page tells you a bit about the research I do . I find it fascinating, challenging, fun, and at times even exasperating, but immensely rewarding.  

II am a cultural anthropologist with specialization in Latin America.  My primary research interest has been working with Mexican sugarcane growers (cañeros). 


I am particularly interested, from a political economy perspective, in analyzing the ways that debt restructuring, privatization of sugar mills, and NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) have impacted cañeros and the disruptions to rural communities where they live.  My research is comparative and I have done ethnographic fieldwork in communities with operating sugar mills, as well as a number of communities where sugar mills closed as a result of macro-level policies.  In one such community, I documented the unemployment, economic decline, and out-migration following mill closure and a 15-year-long social movement that involved seizure of the factory and its operation as a worker-run cooperative.  I focus on the ways that rural populations resist  marginalization, but also employ critical social movement theory to challenge the contradictory internal dynamics of social movements.  I also studied changing gender roles following the closure of another sugar mill as transnational blackberry companies moved into the area and hired women as blackberry pickers.  I am concerned about the social and environmental costs of these transformations, especially the increasing use of pesticides that poses grave health risks for rural workers.  My research aims to inform debates over policy and to contribute to understandings about social justice and human rights.

Caña Verde "Tumba la Caña"

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