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AAA Guide to Anthropology

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Latin American Area Studies

Native American Studies


Culture, Food, and Agriculture

Anth/Soc 3204

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Article Signup and Class Presentation Schedule

Native Americans of the Upper Midwest

Study Guide for Quiz on the Native American Gardening Module


Feed the Children

World Hunger & the Development Debacle

The Green Revolution

The Faustian Bargain

Latimer, Iowa

Blackberries & Pesticides

China's Big Mac Attack

Globalized Childhood, KFC in China

Coca Cola, A Black Sweet Drink from Trinidad

Bread as World, Food Habits & Social Relations in Sardinia

The Origins of Soul Food

Soul, Black Women, & Food

The Rise of Yuppie Coffees and Reimagination of Class

Time, Sugar, and Sweetness

Setting the Table

Chicken Little, Chicken Big

Hog Heaven

Kandiyohi Alternatives

Let all the Generals Become Organic Farmers

Cuba, part 2

Cuba, part 3

Ecological Footprint

China's Big Mac Attack

Globalized Childhood, KFC in Beijing

Bread as World, Sardinia

The Origins of Sould Food

Soul, Black Women, & Food

The Rise of Yuppie Coffees

Time Sugar & Sweetness

From Foundup to Restructuring

Chicken Little, Chicken Big

Hog Heaven

2015 Student Presentations

Soy Imperialism & the Destruction of Local Food Cultures

Genetic Enineering & Food Security

Poisoning for Profit

Poisoning of Indigenous Migrant Women & Children and Gender & Agricutural Imagery

The Hijacking of the Global Food Supply

The U.S. Grain Arsenal

Harvest of Profits, The World Empire of Cargill

Influencing Government, Food Lobbies & Lobbyists

Politics vs Science, Influencing the Food Pyramid

Inventing Baby Food, Gerber & the Discourse of Infancy

Fun with the Food Pyramid

Reality Cheques & Agroecology and Agroeco Systems

Nonsustainability of Monocultures & From Bioimperialism to Biodemocracy

The Ecological Crisis as a Crisis of Character

The Ecological Crisis as a Crisis of Agriculture

Picking & Pacing for the North, Empaque Santa Rosa

Bananas, Are They the Quintessential Health Food

Mad Cows & Sacred Cows

Setting the Table

Just for Fun

Chiquita Banana Song

Love at First Bite, the Ad Doritos Doesn't Want You to See

2014 Service Learning Projects

Seed Lending Library PREZI Presentation

Seed Lending Library Paper

Native American Organic Garden Power Point

Native American Organic Garden Paper





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