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Latin American Area Studies

Native American Studies


Culture, Food, and Agriculture

Anth/Soc 3204

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Native American Organic Garden Resources

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Class Presentations

The Green Revolution

The Faustian Bargain

Latimer, Iowa

Blackberries & Pesticides

Class Visit to Prairie Horizons Organic Farm

Greenwashing: Another Inconvenient Truth

2014 Service Learning Projects

Seed Lending Library PREZI Presentation

Seed Lending Library Paper

Native American Organic Garden Power Point

Native American Organic Garden Paper

Student Presentations

Poisoning for Profit

Poisoning of Indigenous Migrant Women Workers & Children

The U.S. Grain Arsenal

Harvest of Profits, Cargill

Influencing Government, Food Lobbies & Lobbiests

Politics vs. Science, Opposing the Food Pyramid

Food Pyramid images

Inventing Baby Food, Gerber & the Discourse of Infancy

Non-Sustainability of Monocultures & Bio-Imperialism to Bio-Democracy

Ecological Crisis as Crisis of Character & Crisis of Agriculture

Reality Checques & Agroecology and Agroecosystems

Ecological Footprint

China's Big Mac Attack

Globalized Childhood, KFC in China

Bread as World in Sardinia

Picking and Packing, Empaque Santa Rosa

Bananas, Quintessential Health Food

The Rise of Yuppie Coffees and Reimagination of Class

Time, Sugar, and Sweetness

Setting the Table

Chicken Little, Chicken Big

Hog Heaven

Growing Food, Growing Community

Community Supported Agriculture

Kandiyohi Alternatives

Let all the Generals Become Organic Farmers

Cuba, part 2

Cuba, part 3



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