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Office: 205 Imholt Hall
Phone: 320-589-6215
E-mail: cholledl@morris.umn.edu

Latin American Area Studies Coordinator



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Anthropology Field School in Mexico


A Cooperative Sugar Mill/Un Ingenio Azucarero Cooperativa

This cooperative was declared bankrupt in 2009. My book, below, documents the struggle of workers for the mill and against the neoliberal policies that contributed to its demise

My Book: Neoliberalism, Social Exclusion, and Social Movements: Resistance and Dissent in Mexico's Sugar Industry (2013)

Selected Publications

2011    'Like an ox yoke': Challenging the intrinsic virtuosity of a grassroots social movement. Critique of Anthropology 31(4):293-311.

2010-11  Renegotiating Gender and Class in the Berry Fields of Michoacán, Mexico,  Dialectical Anthropology (2011), 35(2):146-169  DOI (2010): 10.1007/s10624-010-9183-9.

2009      From Sugar to Blackberries: Restructuring Agro-export Production in Michoacán, Mexico.  Latin American Perspectives 36(3):79-92.  DOI 10.1177/0094582X09334158.
2003      In Defense of Social Justice:  From Global Transformation to Local Resistance.  In Struggles for Social Rights in Latin America.  Susan Eckstein and Timothy Wickham-Crowley, Eds.   Pp. 59-79.  New York:  Routledge.



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